I’m Hilary. I used to be a fighter – for everything.

Then I realised that it wasn’t working – and it wasn’t me.

Change was hard but I started to see other ways were possible.

Now I really notice the war talk.

It’s there in our organisations as we fight the competition.

It’s there in the fighting talk of politics.

It’s there as we battle against disease.

It can feel like it’s everywhere.

When I heard Ed Miliband’s resignation speech after loosing the election in 2015 I noticed he’d used “fight” or “fighting” five times.

Then, during 2016, I noticed the leaders of more than one political party use the word “fight” to promote a change in approach.

Does the language of fighting help us to achieve change?

Talking to others, I realised the power of this question.

So I set up Make Words Matter – to start a discussion.

Let’s see where our words lead us.